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INK E-SALE New Products HP CF217a Chip Replace Guide

Two new products with a lot of attentions will be launched ceremoniously recent days. One of our products is the cf217a toner with a chip, and the other is without the chip. To let you better understand how to install the chip to the new product, we will highlight the toner cartridge with chip and show you the concrete methods about how to install chips for new products.

Bran-new cf217 toner cartridge has adopts the new assembly technology, which easy to install and take out and you never worry about whether it will damage during the install process. Each cartridge has equipped with a chip independently and you can easily take it out at any time. Now let me show you the ways to install:

1. Firstly prepare the new ink e-sale cf217 toner and be careful not to tear off the covering. Preparing the corresponding chip transporter at the same time. You had better wipe the chip transporter with a clean cloth or cotton again to ensure the clean environment and not dirty the toner chip.

2. Find out the chip slot on your used OEM toner and the same position of the new ink e-sale cf217 toner.
3. Install the chip transporter on the chip slot of your used OEM toner. Grab the toner cartridge’s body with one hand to fix the location of the toner cartridge, and the other hand slide it left towards and carefully pull it straight up to remove. Then you will see toner chip is in the transporter.

4. Take out the ink e-sale cf217a and take away the old one. 

5. Install the chip transporter on the chip slot of the new ink e-sale cf217 toner, Like step 2, one hand grab the toner’s body , and other hand slide it right towards and gently pull it straight up to remove. Then you will find that the chip on the chip transporter now is on the new toner cartridge. 

6. Now you can remove the covering, and the new toner cartridge is ready to print.

If you still don’t know how to do it, having some doubts or meet some other troubles, please call our official hotline or ask for our after-sale service. Don’t be worried, our professional customer service staff 24-hours in line to reply you in time and solve the problems for you as soon so possible.