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What are the Differences between Standard Toners and High Yield Toners?

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If you don’t know the differences between yield amounts, it could be very confusing to buy replacement toner cartridges. To save money and help save the planet, it would be better to learn something about standard, jumbo, extended, starter, and high yield toner cartridges. Starter Cartridge A starter cartridge is the first OEM toner cartridge comes together with your brand new printer. Many printer manufacturers include a starter cartridge in their package so that their printer is ready to use. However, you may meet the situation that

your starter cartridge ran out much sooner than expected. Why? Because that a starter cartridge typically will yield less printed pages than a standard cartridge. For this reason, it’s also called as a starter reduced print yield cartridge.

For example, if a standard toner cartridge can print 2,600 pages with 5% coverage, a starter cartridge will only print 1,500 pages with the same coverage. Many buyers don’t know this, so there are a lot of questions about “why did my new toner run out so quickly?”


Standard Yield Toner Cartridge

Just as the name implied, a standard yield toner cartridge means the yield is a standard amount. Usually this kind of toners can print about 2,600 pages with 5% coverage.


High Yield Toner Cartridge

As you can judge from its name, the yield of a high yield toner cartridge is higher than a standard cartridge.


For example, the Compatible HP CF410X high yield black toner cartridge for HP Color LaserJet Pro M452dn has a 6,500 page yield while the HP CF410A standard yield toner cartridge for the same series has a 2,300 page yield. In this writing, the high yield costs $47.88 while the standard costs $43 at That means the high yield costs $0.007 per page and the standard costs $0.01 per page. Obviously, the high yield one is a little cheaper.


Extended yield toner cartridge

This is the name used by Micro Solutions Enterprises and some other manufactures, it also refers to toner cartridges that print more than the standard ones.


Jumbo toner cartridge

A jumbo toner cartridge also means the toner can print more pages than the standard cartridges. And this name is used by few other manufacturers.


However, high yield, extended yield or jumbo, no matter what you call it, this kind of toner cartridges can not only help you save money, they are also less harmful to our environment.


So, after knowing the differences between standard toners and high yield toners, which one would you like to buy next time? Wish you can have a wise shopping!